Dampier Strait MPA

Dampier Strait Marine Protected Area (MPA) geographically consists of three parts, namely the coastal island of Gam and Mansuar, coastal Batanta Island and Coastal Salawati Island, with an area of ​​336,000 hectares. Dampier Strait MPA attracts many large fish including sharks, skipjack, tuna, snapper, grouper, barracuda and trevally. It is also a safe haven for many marine mammals such as whales, dolphins and dugongs, and is particularly famous for its common manta ray aggregations. No less impressive, are Dampier Strait's coral reefs - boasting the highest diversity in all of Raja Ampat. The current from the Pacific Ocean is strong, and this throughflow brings a lot of nutrients into the Dampier Strait for marine animals to feed on and allowing the corals to thrive.

With the superb underwater potential and the close location to the district capital of Raja Ampat, the local government has determined Dampier Strait as the primary marine tourism area. In Dampier Strait, the six villages of Sawinggrai, Arborek, Sawandarek, Yenbuba, Yenwaupnor and Arefi have been set as the main villages to experience cultural tourism. Interacting with local Raja Ampat communities, watching traditional dances, seeing birds of paradise, and kayakking, can all be experienced during village tours here. [Until June 2013, there were nine dive resorts managed by foreign and local businessmen that were located on the MPA border and this, along with approximately 40 homestays run by residents.] The tourist activities in the Dampier Strait provide concrete examples to the local imhabitants that conservation can provide economic benefits to the community through eco-tourism.